Digital Measures−Activity Insight

Like many of our peer and CIC institutions, Indiana University uses Activity Insight from Digital Measures, software designed to organize, manage, and report on faculty activities and CV data. Anne Massey, former Associate Vice President in University Academic Affairs, led a task force that considered a number of options to manage faculty activities data and replace the Faculty Annual Reporting (FAR) system. “We chose Activity Insight as our new tool for two key reasons: ease of use and usefulness. The system is very intuitive and should require little or no training to get a faculty member up and running. Importantly, it will reduce the burden of faculty data entry.” Rob Lowden, IU associate vice president, enterprise systems and task force member added: “The transition from FAR to the Activity Insight product will ensure that IU faculty are provided a robust tool that dynamically assists them with collecting, assessing and sharing data and information about their academic, scholarly and research endeavors.” Like many institutions seeking to obtain better understanding and organization of faculty activities, Indiana University benefits from fewer requests of faculty for this type of information, gains new insight into their efforts, and has improved reporting at all levels of the academic enterprise.


  • Comprehensive solution that meets our stated requirements
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive Web-based interface
  • Reduces manual entry of publications using Web services API (PubMed) and BibTeX files
  • Offers robust standard reporting, but also ad hoc capabilities
  • Faculty can generate up-to-date CVs
  • Secure permission-based roles and access
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Please refer to the Digital Measures - Activity Insight FAQ Guide for answers to a list of Frequently Asked Questions.